Bolton Boxer Amir Khan’s £5 Million Banqueting Hall, ‘Deliberately’ Set Alight

Amir Khan’s £5 Million Banquet Hall thought to have been deliberately set alight. Fire fighters were called to the Banquet Hall in Bolton after reports of smoke billowing from the site.

Bolton Boxer Amir Khan's £5 Million Banqueting Hall, 'Deliberately' Set Alight

Bolton Boxer Amir Khan’s £5 Million Banqueting Hall, ‘Deliberately’ Set Alight

Building materials including plastic cladding had been put out, glass wall and flooring on the top level were damaged.

Fire crews managed to reach the top floor and put the fire out using hose reels. The fire was under control quickly and after around an hour at the scene fire crews were looking to hand over to police officers.

Watch manager from Bolton Central Station said, he believe it’s deliberate so police have been requested.

Luxury Deane wedding venue is under construction since 2015 and work is still not complete. He wrote a message on snap chat that venue is about 6 months away from opening and will stage wedding receptions and business conferences in its 620-seater buffet restaurant.

He also announced a host of businesses set to launch inside the premises — including

his wife’s make-up firm.

But in 2017 Boxer hinted that his luxury Deane wedding venue could take a change of course, it could become anything from a school to a university.

Amir Khan said this project will create up to 125 jobs and raise the profile of Bolton.

Now two weeks ago, boxer ask fans what they thought should become of the building.

He wrote on Facebook: “Decision time when I’m back from the April 20 fight in New York. The building will be finished from outside and water tight. I will decide what to do with it.

“Send me your ideas, what I should do?”

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