Bilal, 24, Jailed, Dragged Woman Out of Car after Row Over Texts in McDonald’s

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Bilal Muhammed, 24, of Newbold, Rochdale, dragged woman out of car and battered her after row over texts in McDonald’s then smashed his Volkswagen into a lamp-post then told police his victim, a mum-of-one, had crashed the car while trying to run him down.

Bilal had beat and kicked victim woman, mother of one, until she lost consciousness following an argument about him sending pictures of them on a night out together to her boyfriend.

The incident began on January 4 this year when Muhummed and friends went for a night out in Manchester. Bilal drove them in his red Volkswagen and went to a bar before deciding to make their way home.

On the way home victim’s boyfriend was sent a picture by the defendant of him and her and this caused difficulties between them.

The group then stopped at McDonald’s and went into the restaurant but there was exchanges between the two about what was shown and this resulted in the complainant making her way home in the defendant’s car with the others who had been there.

Shortly after arriving, Bilal approached the vehicle while the victim was still sat in the driver’s seat. She describes him as appearing to have ‘pure anger’ on his eyes.

“He opened the driver’s door and punched the complainant in the face, dragged her by her hair from the vehicle, threw her to the floor and continued to punch and kick her to the head and body. The force was so much that she lost consciousness.

CT scan of victim woman found she had a broken left eye socket and a fracture to the eye.”

Muhammed had 10 previous offences on his record including battery, assault and affray, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice. He was jailed for 21 months at Minshull Street Crown Court.

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