Beauty Blogger, Amna Atiq, 24, Commits Suicide After 2nd Abusive Marriage, Dad Feared of 2nd Divorce Didn’t Helped

Fashion/ beauty blogger Amna Atiq, 24, who also owned an eye lash brand and the co-founder of a company called ‘Bonitaaz’ married, and had a young daughter took her own life ahead of abusive marriage.

Her father and Australian National, under the influence of his young second wife forced Amna to marry someone completely unknown, against her will and rejected the man who loved her immensely on the grounds that he wasn’t financially stable.

She got married in 2013 marriage, Amna’s husband turned out to be druggy, an alcoholic and a womanizer. He would physically, mentally and emotionally abuse her to the point that she went into a deep depression.

She complained her father after being kicked out by her husband, but he didn’t accept her. She went back to her husband and had a daughter in 2015, but having baby girl could not unite couple and she was divorced at the end of 2015.

However, things started to change when her first love entered her and her daughter’s life. She was happy, loved and safe.

But, something changed in her second husband who sometime down the line turned out to be the same as the first one, or maybe worse. He would physically torture her, taunting her about her past, hitting her, burning her hands and so much more.

She went back to her father, but scared about losing respect in society for getting divorce second time, he refused to accept her back home and forced her to go back to the man who mentally tortured her.

She had also claimed that her husband Ayan Ali was abusive. She said her husband was insecure about the fact that she was an independent, self earning woman and he took those insecurities out on her.

She was quite active on a closed Facebook group where women would do live videos and share makeup tips for others to learn. The day before yesterday as per the routine Amna came live on the group for makeup tutorial but since her finger was badly burnt women asked her to talk instead that’s when Amna broke into tears and mentioned how she she had been going through a really difficult phase where her husband was really abusive and the same was with her dad who even threatened to get her killed.

Exact cause of the death was not immediately known as police have yet to make a statement on her death but social media was abuzz with rumors that she was forced to commit suicide.

Amna’s death has surely been a very shocking news because we’r not sure whether it’s a murder or she committed suicide out of depression.