‘Beautiful & Intelligent’ Student Lured Millionaire to his Brutal Death, Is to become MAYORESS

Mundill Mahil a medical student who lured a millionaire TV exec into a deadly “honeytrap” is set to become a London mayoress four years after leaving prison.

'Beautiful & Intelligent' Student Lured Millionaire to his Brutal Death, Is to become MAYORESS

‘Beautiful & Intelligent’ Student Lured Millionaire to his Brutal Death, Is to become MAYORESS

Mahil was sentenced to six years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm in 2012 but was released on licence in 2014.

Mahil has rebuilt her life by becoming a personal trainer and marrying Labour councillor Varinder Singh Bola in 2016, a rising star of the Labour Party, following her conviction for GBH in 2012.

Mahil wed Mr Bola, a rising star of the Labour Party a year after her release from jail, and this week he announced he is mayor-elect of one of London’s fastest growing boroughs.

Mundill Kaur Mahil, a devious medical student used as a honeytrap in the murder of a young businessman she claimed had tried to rape her.

Mahil had met fellow Sikh Gagandip at a Woolwich temple in 2009 and he became “emotionally dependant” on her following the murder of his father Charanjit.

Mr Singh, from Bexleyheath, had owned the satellite channel Sikh TV, and was the president of the British and Sikh Student Federation.

Gagandip Singh was in love with her and had even given her £12,000 to pay for her tuition fees.

He wooed Mahil with offers of gifts and at the end of August 2010 went to stay at her digs during the summer holidays as Mahil revised for resits.

But during the night Gagandip crept into her room and forced him on her by getting in to her bed. She forced him away, he broke down in tears and left.

After the attempted rape Mahil became “overwrought” as Gagandip persisted in trying to contact her and she and trainee electrician Shoker, 20, become close with her referring to him as her “protector.”

“Intelligent and attractive” Mahil knew that Harvinder ‘Ravi’ Shoker, who she described as a ‘gangster friend’, would carry out her plan to attack Gagandip – because he too was in love with her.

Shoker recruited schoolpal Darren Peters and both were lying in wait in her bedroom last February.

Mahil lured Mr Singh down to her university house in Brighton in February last year, where he was set upon by Harvinder Shoker and Darren Peters.

The two men viciously beat Mr Singh, bundled him into the boot of a car and drove back to the capital where in a quiet lane in Blackheath, south east London, where they set it alight.

The 21-year-old was set upon suffering at least five blows to the head as he desperately called out Mahil’s name before losing consciousness.

Gagandip Singh, aged 21, of Langdale Crescent, Bexleyheath, died on February 26 2011.

His body was found in the boot of a blue Mercedes C-class in Angerstein Lane, Blackheath, at around 2am.

Ravi Shoker almost certainly had his own agenda – and it was not that of a righteous crusader to protect a young woman’s virtue.

“Being infatuated by Mahil, he was more than willing to rid her of Gagandip, and as a consequence, he would expect Mahil to be forever indebted to him.

Mundil Mahil was accused of luring Gagandip Singh, 21, to his death by playing on his unrequited love for her.

Mahil was found not guilty of murder by a jury but she was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Shoker, 20, of Charlton Park Lane, Greenwich, was jailed for life with a minimum 22-year term today after being found guilty of murder.

Peters, 20, of Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, was sentenced to 12 years in a young offenders’ institution after being found guilty of manslaughter.

Since her release, she has trained as a personal trainer, aromatherapist and masseuse as well as getting involved with photography and charity work.

Amandip Kaur Singh, 26, said: ‘That woman lured my brother to a horrible death and yet served just three years in prison for it.

‘She has only been out for four years and is now going to be a mayoress, through her husband, but will be afforded as much respect as him.

‘She will be on his arm at official functions, where she’ll no doubt launch a charm offensive with the gathered dignitaries. But she doesn’t deserve any of it.

‘My brother’s life was snatched away when it was just about to really begin and as a family we’ve been struggling to deal with it ever since.

‘Yet she’s served a meagre prison sentence, married a high-flying politician and is now trying to ingratiate herself into polite society.

‘Not once has she ever admitted her guilt or apologised to us. She’s moved on and is trying to pretend nothing ever happened.’