Argument Between a British-Mirpuri and British-Pakistani, Who Wins ?

British-Mirpuri: what have Mirpuris done to have given ordinary Pakistanis a bad name? Why do you hate them so much!

Argument Between a British-Mirpuri and British-Pakistani, Who Wins ?

Argument Between a British-Mirpuri and British-Pakistani, Who Wins ?

British-Pakistani; well, hmm, let me think, hmm, yup, they don’t speak Urdu but a shi**y language called Mirpuri that has no script, and…

British-Mirpuri: so that makes them ‘less-cultured’ because they choose to speak the language of their parents, grand-parents and great-grand-parents whilst you actively speak a language that has no roots in any of the native lands of Pakistan? And they’re ‘backwards’ and you’re ‘progressive’? Tell me again, what language did your grandparents speak before you consciously switched to speaking Urdu?

British-Pakistani; I have always spoken Urdu. My parents migrated to the ‘Panjab’ from Urdu-speaking areas in India. They made huge sacrifices for Pakistan!

British-Mirpuri: so your language was imposed upon other ‘peoples’ in their own ethnic homelands so Pakistan could give you a safe ‘space’ all the while you poke fun of the indigenous languages of Pakistan?

British-Pakistani; nope it’s not just that. Mirpuris are villagers. They are rural people. Their values are stuck in a time warp, and they keep pushing us back from progressing forward. And…

British-Mirpuri: how did you work that out, give me some concrete examples?

British-Pakistani; hmm, because you know they’re into honour crime and all sorts of nefarious activities!

British-Mirpuri: and of all the cases that have been reported in the British and Pakistani Press that involve honour crime, how many involved people from Mirpur or living in Mirpur?

British-Pakistani; I would imagine a lot!

British-Mirpuri: You ‘imagining’ all this doesn’t make it true. So show me the evidence; show me where you got your proof from; show me the datasets that distinguish ‘honour-criminals’ by place of origin?

British-Pakistani; I just know because that’s what happens in villages!

British-Mirpuri: so that would mean that the majority of rural Pakistan, most of Pakistan is rural by the way and most of the cities are overgrown towns, has values stuck in villages? Mirpuris make less than 0.3 percent of Pakistan’s population, but they’re the bad guys in Britain, remind me again, for what exactly?

British-Pakistani; no, no, you’re not following. Mirpuris are benefit cheats! They’re drug dealers. They’re pedos!

British-Mirpuri: okay, how do you know that? Where exactly did you go to interrogate such stats? Which government agency did you rely on to assimilate such information?

British-Pakistani; everyone knows they scam the benefits so they can build mansions in Mirpur.

British-Mirpuri: so these ‘everybodies’ got their information from where again?

British-Pakistani; it’s a fact, they live off tax-payers, they are poor, uneducated, unhealthy dimwits living off disability benefits. How else would they get money to build massive mansions in a part of the world that no one gives a shi* about?

British-Mirpuri: in the same way they purchased their houses in the UK through hard toil and labour. Mirpuris have never come to the UK illegally because their pioneers came to the UK well before the 1960s. When restrictions were introduced later, they relied on their sponsorship networks which upsets you because you don’t have uncles and aunts and grandparents who can sponsor you. Not that you were a highly skilled person, and Britain was dying for you to come over. And to sponsor people you need to show an Immigration caseworker that you can provide for your dependents, that you have an income and a place to live.

Besides, you don’t like the idea of poor, ‘uneducated’ ‘peasants’ who have no desire to speak Urdu having more money than you, to the extent of building fancy Mansions in Mirpur which they then offer for free to people to look after? In my mind that’s a form of social housing. How come this aspect of their generosity is never praised not least because many people flock to Mirpur from Pakistan to live in such houses sometimes even with a monthly stipend!

Call them idiots by all means if that assuages your sense of business acumen, but don’t call them criminals.

I mean you probably lived in a council house in the UK and now you wear a three-piece suit when you go to work in the local take-away! It’s not nice being insulted, I know your pain!

We don’t like being insulted either.

British-Pakistani; Mirpuris are groomers in the UK! Read the papers dude!

British-Mirpuri: okay, of the 1 million or so British-Mirpuris in the UK, how many, as a percentage are groomers?

British-Pakistan; I suspect a lot!

British-Mirpuri: you’re a suspicious git, aren’t you! But tell me, where did you get your facts from as there are no data-sets that give us such information. Just tell me, of all the groomers convicted of these despicable crimes, from where exactly did their parents or grandparents originate from in District Mirpur?

British-Pakistani; There are more Mirpuris in Britain than ordinary Pakistanis so it’s natural that they’re going to commit most of the crimes.

British-Mirpuri: of course it’s natural because you hide yourselves behind the cover of your small numbers and then it becomes easy for you to deflect attention away from the ‘ordinary Pakistanis’ because you never once considered Mirpuris

genuine Pakistanis. Otherwise you would have done some soul-searching and not been eager to tarnish the reputation of ordinary individuals because of a bogus label. But to take your logic, lots of Mirpuris lived in the Beeston area of Leeds, they were said to be the majority and yet the parents of the three Pakistani suicide bombers came from Pakistan. So where does that leave your statistical determinism?

British-Pakistani; oh whatever! What about cousin marriages? You’re telling me the children of Mirpuris don’t suffer from congenital diseases? You’re all a bunch of self-ghettoising cousin-shagging neanderthals!

British-Pahari: more than a billion people on earth marry their cousins. Most Pakistanis are married to their close cousins from both cities and villages. It’s a practise that needs to stop not least because some children born of these unions have harrowing life conditions. Genetic counselling is the way forward, something that many British-Paharis are now advocating in their communities. But, why are you so reticent about this problem in Pakistan? As for cousin shagging neanderthals, would you have called Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan, a cousin shagging neanderthal? What about Islam’s most holiest personalities?

British-Pakistani; you’re an Indian agent and Mirpur is a shi* hole so who cares!

British-Mirpuri: of course it’s a shi*-hole because when you can’t win an argument you always attack the integrity and identity of the person making the argument. But if Mirpur is Pakistan’s shi*-street, return the Dam to her people and all the money that goes to Pakistan through Mirpur. It’s in the billions of pounds my friend as reported by academics and your own press. Pakistan flooded our lands and robbed our dispossessed villagers of their thriving communities. You didn’t care because as far as you were concerned they were all a bunch of docile peasants! Those we’re our grandparents, and I can assure you for every action there’s a reaction so every-time you want to smear our reputation by being our ‘unlikeliest of representatives’ don’t be surprised when we speak back.

But just so you know, I don’t know why you’re defending Pakistan when the ‘real elite’ in Pakistan, nope, you’re not one of them, couldn’t care one iota about you. You’re just a pretentious idiot who likes the idea of Pakistan but knows nothing of its reality. The next time you get locked up in some foreign wilderness, you’ll be kissing your British passport and entreating ‘God Bretannia’ to save you. It won’t be the white crescent and star that’ll save you then! I can guarantee you that much.

British-Pakistani exists the scene. British-Pahari feels bad about the whole exchange.

If I was to sum up this bigotry I would say it is on account of self-hatred. Now I’m not a psychologist to hazard this opinion as a fact. But I find it odd that you have people online who want to express an opinion about ‘Mirpuris’ for everything that’s wrong with Pakistan. Aside from the smears if Mirpuris are indeed primitive it is on account of coming from cultures that spread across entire swathes of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. Poor people live everywhere and they are some of the nicest and unpretentious people you’ll ever meet. And yet the Pakistanis whose parents were similarly ‘villagers’ having come to the UK as ‘unskilled workers’ want to re-imagine their history in accordance with their modern priorities and dare I say anxieties.

But there is a wider point, if indeed British-Mirpuris are primitive why would anyone want to express an opinion about people who are ‘powerless’, have no ‘social prestige’ and little ‘privilege’? Perhaps things are changing. But, as I hope to show through a sample of online comments, this trope-telling has become a defining characteristic of the one-sided rivalry between mainland Pakistans and British-Mirpurs.

Ultimately, I think it’s because Mirpuris remind British-Pakistanis about their true origins. Before some of our pompous ‘Pakistanis’, and its only some of them, started to consciously change everything about their humbler origins, they were more ‘real’ and less ‘fake’. I guess I’m talking about their grandparents and parents who never forget their own life stories. It is on account of not knowing their heritage and the bogus associations they want to make with people who have nothing in common with them that they have become the butt of international jokes. As for Mirpuris, we should take heed and learn something of our heritage so we remain connected with the past of our forbears and their culture of dispossession. We have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of on account of their sacrifices, and that’s the reason why you’re in Britain reading this post in English.

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