American Woman, 60, Arrived Pakistan, Fell in Love with Rickshaw Driver and Tied Knot with him

60 years old American woman named Aliana arrived in Pakistan fell in love with 41 years old Abid a Rickshaw driver from Gujranwala and married him after converting to Islam.

Aliana who has changed her name to Zahra after converting to Islam, met with Rickshaw driver Abid on a bus stand. While traveling in his Rickshaw Aliana started talking to him.

Aliana told she liked his innocence and honesty and fell in love with him during her first ride with the Rickshaw driver.

Aliana a resident of Florida in United Stages, holds masters degree in litrature, doctorate degree as well. She had also served as a police officer in Florida for 10 years and afterwards she became an English teacher. While Abid attended school only till 8th grade.

Aliana told, while she was traveling with Abid in Rickshaw as a passenger, she found him intelligent, generous and very kind person.

Both of them exchanged contact details, and Abid with the help of one of his nephew communicate with her on phone in English.

After some time both started meeting each other and then they decided to marry each other. Abid who is not fluent in English can only few words and sentences in English and Aliana being a English teacher help him to learn English.

In Last few years, many foreign woman have arrived Pakistani to marry Pakistani men, last week a Canadian woman Annie Mary, travelled to Pakistan and filed a complaint against her husband Fahad Abrar, with

the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime cell in Gujranwala.

Annie Mary alleged that her husband deceived her by transferring the amount of 33,000 dollars into Pakistani bank accounts that belonged to his father and uncle.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Annie said that she had embraced Islam after marrying Fahad , a resident of Sialkot, in 2017. She said she had come to Pakistan to recover her stolen money and pursue a legal fight against the accused.

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