Amal Umer, 10, Shot Dead in a Police Encounter in Karachi, CJP takes Suo Motu Notice

10-year-old Amal’ a 6th grade student was hit by a stray bullet and died on 13 August 2018. She was killed during a robbery bid in Gizri, Karachi. The family was being robbed on night before Independence day, at Gizri, when a police mobile arrived.

The bullet which took life of Amal, was fired from an AK-47 by a policeman attempting to kill a bandit.

According to details, Amal was traveling with her father Umer Adil a film producer, her mother Beenish Waiz, set designer in their car when they stopped on a signal a man came near their car and asked them to hand over everything. He took mobile phone and bag from his wife.

As he left after snatching mobile and bag, a bullet suddenly hit the windshield of their car which actually hit Amal sitting behind and she lying in pool of blood.

Girl was taken to National Medical Centre (NMC), who refused to to admit the girl saying it is a police case and referred the girl to Govt. Jinah Hospital.

No help or ambulance was provided by NMC to shift the child to Jinah Hospital. Aman Foundation was called initially they refused to send an ambulance till “arrangements were made”. By time ambulance arrived and they reach to Jinah hospital, Amal passed away.

As per police spokes person, 2 policemen deployed in the area were informed about

a robbery at a close distance following which both of them arrived at scene and took action.

After the parents of girl appeared on TV, almost a month later, the issue was raised and now, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on Tuesday took The suo motu notice which concerns the “irresponsible firing” by the police as well as the “failure of a well-known medical hospital to provide emergency medical aid as required by the law”.

The case will heard at 25th September 2018.

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