Alum Khan, 28, Jailed for 6 Years, Caught with 4 KG of Cocaine Worth £800,000 in Sparkhill

Alum Khan, 28, of Ladypool Road, Sparkbrook, was sentenced to six years and nine months after caught red handed with £800k worth of drugs in secret compartment of his van in Sparkhill.

Alum Khan had been driving a white Mercedes van when he he was stopped by officers on Highgate Road, Sparkhill on March 21 this year.

When officers initially searched the vehicle nothing of significance was found – however officers looked into the back of the vehicle and used a crow bar to lift up a screwed down floor.

Underneath that was a hatch with a door which could be opened with wires connected to the front of the van.

Inside the hatch were four packages as four kilos of cocaine had been concealed in a specially designed compartment.

Birmingham Crown Court, was told, drugs of a high purity, between 93 and 95%, if sold in bulk the cocaine would have cost a minimum of £144,000 while if cut and sold on the street the drugs had a potential value of £800,000.

Alum Khan who had 26 previous convictions, including one for possessing cannabis with intent to supply, had bought the van in January and that there had been a degree of sophistication involved.

He was sentenced to six years and nine months at Birmingham crown court.