Final Results of LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala AJK Elections 2016

Elections Held on 21 July 2016 in LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala (LA-XXXI, JAMMU & OTHERS – II ) Constituency of District Mirpur. Below is Detail of the total number of Male and Female Voters in LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala, Total candidates up from in LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala with details.

Total Number of Candidates Up in LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala in 2016 Elections

Constituency No. Total Candidates

Total Number of Registered Male and Female Voters in LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala in 2016 Elections

Names of Constituency Male Female Total
LA-XXXI, JAMMU & OTHERS – II (LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala) 43,980 31,704 75,684

Details of Candidates who are Up for LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala in 2016 Elections

Sr.# Name Father Name Address Symbol Party
01 Ch. Muhammad Ismaeel Lion PML-N
02 Malik Muhammad Waris Cap Independent
03 Iftekhar Ahmed Pen KTI
04 Muhammad Arif Huqa (waterpipe) Independent
05 Rasheed Ahmed Sulehria Gun Independent
06 Muhammad Iqbal Scooter Independent
07 Awais Ghulam Nabi Bus Independent
08 Sardar Najeeb Akbar Khan Apple Independent
09 Rehmat Ali Aitmad Cab (Tanga) Independent
10 Muhammad Arif Begh Football Independent
11 Mirza Aman Begh Bucket Independent
12 Maqbool Ahmed Bat PTI
13 Abdul Qadeer Goat Independent
14 Ch. Khadim Hussain Arrow PPP
15 Samar Subhani Fan Independent
16 Sardar Abdul Rehman Khan Minarate Independent
17 Muhammad Tariq Ismaeel Comb (Kanga) Independent

Below is the Detail of Winner and Runner Ups in LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala 2016 Elections.

Picture Candidate Name Votes Obain Party Winner Total Votes
Ch. Muhammad Ismaeel 15848 PMLN Ch. Muhammad Ismaeel 75,684
Maqbool Ahmed LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala Maqbool Ahmed 8290 PTI  
Mirza Oman Baig LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala Mirza Oman Baig 3019 Independent  
Malik Muhammad Waris LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala Malik Muhammad Waris 1447 Independent  
Ch. Khadim Hussain LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala Ch. Khadim Hussain 1293 Independent  
Sardar Najeeb Akbar Khan LA-31 Jammu 2 Gujranwala Sardar Najeeb Akbar Khan 839 Independent  

Jammu AJK Election Results 2016

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