Final Results of LA-16 Haveli Kahuta AJK Elections 2016

Elections Held on 21 July 2016 in LA-16 Haveli Kahuta (LA-XVI, BAGH –IV) Constituency of District Mirpur. Below is Detail of the total number of Male and Female Voters in LA-16 Haveli Kahuta, Total candidates up from in LA-16 Haveli Kahuta with details.

Total Number of Candidates Up in LA-16 Haveli Kahuta in 2016 Elections

Constituency No. Total Candidates

Total Number of Registered Male and Female Voters in LA-16 Haveli Kahuta in 2016 Elections

Names of Constituencies Male Female Total
LA-XVI, BAGH –IV (LA-16 Haveli Kahuta) 43,813 36,824 80,637

Details of Candidates who are Up for LA-16 Haveli Kahuta in 2016 Elections

Sr.# Name Father Name Address Symbol Party
01 Syed Majid Gillani Pervaiz Mehmood Bashaan Scooter Independent
02 Syed Aftab Hussain Syed Alam Rankari Haas Scale JI
03 Mukhtar Ahmed Awan Abdul Rasheed Kiyaan Football Independent
04 Ikhlaq Ur Rehman M Ameen Khan Bala Janobi Sweing Machine Independent
05 Zahid Iqbal Hashmi Ahmed Shah Hooter Bat PTI
06 Babr Nazir Nazir Ahmed Bhangar Bani Butterfly Independent
07 Ch Muhammad Aziz Meer Muhammad Kahoota Tiger PMLN
08 Khawaja Tariq Saeed Saeed Ahmed Haji Bal Arrow PPP

Below is the Detail of Winner and Runner Ups in LA-16 Haveli Kahuta 2016 Elections.

Picture Candidate Name Votes Obain Party Winner Total Votes
Ch Muhammad Aziz 34313 PMLN Ch Muhammad Aziz 43,813
Khawaja Tariq Saeed LA-16 Haveli Kahuta Khawaja Tariq Saeed 24124 PPP  
Zahid Iqbal Hashmi LA-16 Haveli Kahuta Zahid Iqbal Hashmi 380 PTI  
Syed Majid Gilani LA-16 Haveli Kahuta Syed Majid Gilani 94 Independent  
Babar Nazir LA-16 Haveli Kahuta Babar Nazir 84 Independent  
Syed Aftab Hussain Shah LA-16 Haveli Kahuta Syed Aftab Hussain Shah 82 Jamaat-e-Islami  

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