LA 20 Thorar/Paachioot Election Results 2011

Elections held in On Sunday, June 26, 2011, in LA 20 Thorar/Paachioot Constituency of Sudhnoti/Poonch District, Azad Kashmir. Below is the detail of Voters and Results of LA 20 Thorar/Paachioot 4 Constituency of District Sudhnoti/Poonch AJK General Election Results 2011.

Constituency Name Male Voters Female Voters Total Registered Voters
LA-XX, SUDHNOTI & POONCH –IV (LA-20 Thorar/Paachioot) 38240 35010 73250

Picture Candidate Name Votes Obain Party Winner Total Votes
Siyaab Khalid 14695 MC Siyaab Khalid 73250
Mehmood Iqbal LA-20 Thorar/Paachioot Mehmood Iqbal 13537 JK Peoples Party  
Shokat Muzaffar LA-20 Thorar/Paachioot Shokat Muzaffar 6865 PPP  
Dr. Khalid Mehmood LA-20 Thorar/Paachioot Dr. Khalid Mehmood 2104 Jamaat-e-Islami  
Aftab Hussain LA-20 Thorar/Paachioot Aftab Hussain 934 JK National Democratic Alliance  
Muhammad Sarfraz LA-20 Thorar/Paachioot Muhammad Sarfraz 156 Kashmir Labour Party  

Sudhnoti & Poonch District Election Results 2011