LA 25 Lachraat Election Results 2011

Elections held in On Sunday, June 26, 2011, in LA 25 Lachraat Constituency of Muzaffarabad District, Azad Kashmir. Below is the detail of Voters and Results of LA 25 Muzaffarabad 2 Constituency of District Muzaffarabad AJK General Election Results 2011.

Constituency Name Male Voters Female Voters Total Registered Voters
LA-XXV, MUZAFFARABAD–II (LA-25 Lachraat) 31540 27507 59047

Picture Candidate Name Votes Obain Party Winner Total Votes
Syed Bazil Ali Naqvi 13701 PPP Syed Bazil Ali Naqvi 59047
Ch Shehzad Mehmood LA-25 Lachraat Ch Shehzad Mehmood 9814 Independent  
Syed Murtaza Ali Gillani LA-25 Lachraat Syed Murtaza Ali Gillani 8641 MC  
Syed Jawad Ali Gillani LA-25 Lachraat Syed Jawad Ali Gillani 6354 PMLN  
Zulfikar Hussain LA-25 Lachraat Zulfikar Hussain 168 Independent  
Ch Shahid Ahmed LA-25 Lachraat Ch Shahid Ahmed 94 MQM  

Muzaffarabad District Election Results 2011