Ahmad Khan, 5, ‘Little Einstein’ from Bradford Becomes Youngest Briton to Recite Pi Value

British-Pakistani kid, Muhammad Ahmed Khan, has become the youngest Briton to recite the numerical value of Pi to 104 decimal places.

He is believed to have become the youngest Briton to recite the value of Pi to a whopping 104 decimal places in the quickest recorded time of 29 seconds.

Pi is used in maths, physics, space exploration and supercomputing-because its value can be used in calculations for circles, cylinders and waves.

The Horton Grange Primary School student completed the challenge during a school assembly session marking the International Pi Day.

His parents Muhammad Yasir Khan from Karachi, studied networking and computer programming and mum, Hina Gull, from Lahore, Graduate from the London School of Economics (LSE), both were overjoyed at the achievement of their son and told their son is usually a very quiet and shy boy and does not speak much in front of people.

Dad Yasir comments: “We are very proud of Ahmad and what he has achieved. Ahmad loves maths at school, and it was only fitting that he should take on this challenge considering it’s his favourite subject.”

Ahmad told, mathematics is his favourite subject and he taking on the Pi challenge with help from his parents. “I also like space exploration. Blue cars are my favourite. I like playing computer games.”

Ahmad secured 54 position in United Kingdom and in World stands at 789 Position.

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