After ‘Chai Wala’ to the newly discovered ‘Tarbooz Wala’

Pakistan’s chaiwala got heads turning and hearts racing? The blue-eyed Arshad Khan‘s picture went viral after a photographer spotted him making tea, following which he even got to star in a music album.

Now it seems another guy has caught the eyes of Netizens all over, owing to his looks. Someone spotted a ‘tarbooz wala’ (watermelon seller) in our neighbourhood and there has been no stopping the social media users ever since.

A picture of him slicing watermelons with an endearing smile and his dreamy, hazel eyes looking back at the camera was taken by someone before iftaar in Karachi.

Which, in turn, resulted in a deluge on the Internet, especially Twitter. Check out some of the responses his good looks garnered.

While many got busy gushing over the guy, a friend of the ‘tarbooz wala’ saw the kind of buzz he was creating on social media and decided to help those who wanted to know more about him by sharing further details.

Muhammad Inshal shared

a photo on Facebook with our man of the hour and captioned it thus: “Guys he is not a tarbooz wala. Actually he is my class mate and a future doctor.

#lala #your #looks #MashaAllah. Going to be the most famous personality all over social media” As it turns out, Muhammad Awais, which is the name of the guy, is a student of MBBS at Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy, in Karachi.

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