Actor Noman Ijaz “Cheated on Wife Several Times”

 Noman Ijaz has said that he has cheated on his wife many times.

In an undated video clip shared on Twitter, Ijaz was boasting about his successful marriage. He said despite being married, he keeps falling for other women and also acts on these feelings.

Actor Noman Ijaz "Cheated on Wife Several Times"
Actor Noman Ijaz “Cheated on Wife Several Times”

When asked how his wife reacts to his flings, Ijaz said he is such a ‘great artist’ and ‘intelligent man’ that he doesn’t let his wife find out about any of his extramarital affairs. At this, the show host asked Ijaz to teach her a thing or two as well.

In the same interview, Ijaz seems dismissive about the #Metoo movement that stands against the exploitation of women. Responding to a question of the host over #Metoo, he said this was all result of people going against religion/

Twitter reacts to Ijaz’s remarks:


took a strong exception to the remarks made by the actor in his interview.

There are tens of thousands like him in Pakistan. I know quite a few myself — the hypocrite Deen card holders. Some pakistani men are work of art, indeed!!

This man in one interview says he often cheats on his wife & he’s such a great actor that she never finds out. When iffat asks him about #MeToo he dismisses the movement and says “yeh sab deen say dori hai” Pakistani men are just work of art!

Calling a girl beta ya beti ya sister won’t make her your sister. We know men say it to cover their bad intentions. If u r a professional call her by her name n keep a third person in meeting.This person is sick n so unprofessional. She has a beautiful wife n still he cheats.