About Us

MeraMirpur was established back in 2009 and grew form a simple Facebook page to a blog. This blog is not only a link between British Mirpuris and their home town but also the pride and joy of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

Our mission is to make people aware what a beautiful bustling city it is in Azad Kashmir and give it its due respect and admiration. By highlighting it on the map of Pakistan we facilitate overseas Pakistani reconnect with their hometown. It was initially a pet peeve was given shape of a blog. Its founder is a simple person working in computer development industry but missed his hometown Mirpur a lot. So while he is far from his City he started toying with with idea of setting up a blog on Mirpur Azad Kashmir. His dedication and passion bore him fruit. Now over 30,000 viewers daily, MeraMirpur is a successful dream.

This blog has been playing an integral part in keeping Pakistani Muirpuries abreast with current Mirpur Updates. Be it be about current news, or new businesses springing up in Mirpur, New schools and universities, political atmosphere, we cover all aspects. The beautiful snaps of Mirpur create nostalgia among our viewers, who miss their hometown.

We hope to expand our blog / website and our dedicated team shall continue to serve Pakistanis everywhere.