5 Men Arrested who Beat British Family on a Land Dispute in Mastala Village, Gujar Khan

Police arrested 5 culprits after a British-Pakistani including women were beaten by sticks, bricks, on a land dispute in Mastala village of Gujar Khan, Pakistan.

Tariq, Basit Latif, Imran Mehmood, Khuram Shahzad, and Adnan Mehmood are locked up in Jatli Police station, for assault and firing crimes, further investigation is underway.

SSP Rai Mazhar Iqbal told the accused had acquired pre arrest bails from court after the incident but arrest was made after having solid proof against them.

A video of fight vent viral on social media, where a British family was viciously beaten and shot at by a mob of ‘land grabbers’ illegally occupying their house in Mastala village of Gujar Khan, Pakistan.

Members of the British family, walk over to the entrance of the property where a tractor can be seen moving towards the entrance to take their property back.

A female member of British family who lead her family members towards land grabbers to stop them from grabbing their land, received heavy blows from the land grabbers after they tried to take their property back.

A woman from kin of British family can be heard, asking her members not to go forward with empty hands. As soon the family goes near the entrance of the land, a dozen armed men who were well prepared run out and begin thrashing the British men, who later insisted they were merely just trying to speak with the squatters.

Shots were fired from the land grabbers and mob savagely beat the family members including women with sticks.

Victim family told they arrived in Pakistan for a marriage ceremony of their son but we found our land is being occupied, we wanted to talk to the other party, but they had already planned to attack us, as soon we reach there, dozen men pouring out of the property, viciously beat us.

Victim British family said, our children were not willing to visit Pakistan due to security reasons, thinking its new government of PTI, lead by Imran Khan, we came with our children but were assaulted in the attack and our land was also grabbed.

Police said no one is above law and strict action will be taken against those involved in crime after further investigation.