3 Men Posing as Australian Tax Officers, Arrested for Duping Bollywood Actress Isha Sharvani

Bollywood actress Isha Sharvani who now lives in Perth, Austraila was induced to transfer 5700 AUD via Western Union and RIA Money Transfer, by three men who posed as Australian Tax Officers.

They said that she has evaded tax and will be arrested if the amount isn’t paid immediately. The caller coaxed her into sharing her accountant’s number. A few minutes later, she got a call from a number from her accountant’s office. The caller identified himself as a staff member and apologised for missing to file the tax.”

The caller claimed that there was an error while filing her tax returns and they mistakenly did not tell her about the intimations sent by the Australian Government.

This person then told her that the accountant’s office would reimburse her the entire amount of AUD 5700 as it was not her fault. He told her that the only way to settle the matter was a confidential transaction to the remittance officer of the Australian Tax Office, India Branch.

They stayed on the call with her for more than three hours until the transaction was over.

When she realised that she had been conned she informed the police, the Cyber Crime Unit (CyPAD) has arrested three men who had duped a renowned Ms Isha Sharvani, who now lives in Perth, Australia, pretending to be from Australian Tax Office.