3 Brothers Accused of Killing Nabeel Hassan, 22, Ran off ‘Laughing’ after Murder in Oldham

Mohamed Jama, 20, his brother Musa Jama, 22, and Sadik Djama, 23, who accused of allegedly killing Nabeel Hassan, 22, ran off ‘laughing’ after stabbing a man in a revenge attack and ‘leaving him to die’, prosecutors allege.

All three defendants deny murder. The brothers have pleaded guilty to possessing a knife at Manchester Crown Court.

The day before Nabeel Hassan was killed, Musa Jama had called police and told them he had been the victim of a robbery,

Eyewitness told, Musa Jama went into Oldham accompanied by his brother Mohamed and Mr Djama, carrying a ‘pretty large knife’, they were on a mission to take revenge. They arrived at Waterloo Street in Glodwick that afternoon, and continued looking at cars.

Mohamed Jama began ‘pointing at groups of Asian males’, and asked his brother ‘is that them?’

Then they find Nabeel Hassan near his house, all 3 brothers, ‘surround’ Mr Hassan, and allegedly start attacking him.

After punching, kicking and then stabbing him, they ran off laughing, and leaving him to die on

a grass verge.

The brothers, both of Ashley Street in Oldham, and Mr Djama, of Deerhurst Drive in Longsight have all pleaded not guilty to murder.

Trial Continues…

Source: MEN

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